Graduated from college

3 years min. experience

Requires professional license


Updated CV





Job Description:

**Assistant Engineer in Construction - Finishing Department
• Serves as plan check engineer or project manager on routine projects, including defining project scope, selecting consultants, negotiating contracts, change orders and amendments; prepares and monitors project schedules; monitors, reviews and coordinates project design and construction; evaluates contractor’s requests for extra work; monitors contractor’s work and enforces terms of the contract; processes payments and change orders; coordinates projects with businesses, utilities and other departments.
• Prepares routine plans, designs, specifications, estimates and reports, including determining materials and availability of funding; provides special study engineering reports and drafts engineering staff reports.
• Provides technical advice to contractors, other professionals and the general public regarding policies, codes and regulations; assists in resolving problems.
• Performs technical review of plans ensuring plans are in compliance with codes and regulations; processes a variety of encroachment permit applications.
• Participates in and conducts the development of consultant requests for proposal for professional and/or construction services and the advertising of bid processes; evaluates bids and proposals and makes recommendations on project award.
• Conducts engineering and related studies; prepares staff reports and grant applications.
• May act as the department representative at meetings and promote the company interests and objectives.
• Maintains accurate records and files
• Performs other duties of a similar nature or level

Contact Person: Recruitment Department

Contact Number: +63 2 8043842

Agency Name: B.M.C.A.R.T. International Recruitment And Placement Services Inc


Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Salary: 50

Number of Vacancies: 25

Contract term (in months): 24