Graduated from college

2 years min. experience



certificates (COE)


Marketing and Media

Job Description:

1. Have a diploma/ certificate of training in performing arts from an accredited technical college or vocational school.

2. Has at least three years experience in a supervisory role related to Facility Management services.

3. Strong command of the English language, both writing and speaking.

4. Proficient working knowledge of counter weighted fly systems and the set up, rigging and strike of scenery.

5. Have at least 5 years experience as running crew in a ‘fly house.

6. Certified operator of heavy lift equipment including scissors, and boom swing stage up to heights of 80 feet.

Contact Person: Irish Soliven

Contact Number: 09178967879

Agency Name: Aquavir International, Inc.

Principal/Project: Audio Visual Est.

Location: Saudi, Saudi Arabia

Number of Vacancies: 5

Contract term (in months): 24