Graduated from high school

1 year min experience




Job Description:

The most important part of the job is to ensure high quality & efficiency of workmanship to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The most difficult / complex part of the job is to convince the customer to buy products aside for the items they are intended to buy by offering some products which are sub-related to the items they bought.

The creativities required in this job are:
• Attentive to the customer’s demands - log in the items we don’t have in the store, especially if that items has a higher market demands.
• Good customer relation – the cashier / merchandiser must have a good relationship with the customer to gain trust and respect.
• Well Organize and Cleanliness of the Store – these will help attract more customers.

Contact Person: Aris Metin

Contact Number: 8131598, 09178147028

Agency Name: Edi Staffbuilders International Inc

Principal/Project: A Convenience Store Chain

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Salary: 19,000

Number of Vacancies: 25

Contract term (in months): 22