Completed vocational course

3 years min. experience



Valid Embalming License

diploma and transcript of records

employment certificates



Job Description:


a. To embalm deceased at office mortuary.

b. To supervise and assist in collection of deceased from House, Hospitals, Home, Wharf, Port, etc.

c. To ensure that the name tag is on the ankle of the deceased.

d. To supervise and assists in the dressing and placing the deceased into the casket.

e. To ensure that the staff do not take anything from the mortuary or belongings of the deceased.

f. To supervise and assist in sending the casket and the deceased to the destination of the funeral wake area.

g. To supervise and conduct of funeral to Choa Chu Kang Cemetery, Tze Toh Aum, Kong Meng San, Mandai Crematorium, etc.

h. To check and help out in the cleaning and washing of all funeral accessories, parlours, toilets, staircase, garage, windows, etc. and tidy up the area.

i. To cover compulsory standbys, work on off-days, public holidays and overtime whenever requested by the management. Deduction will be made accordingly when on Annual Leave, absence without reason or not turning up. It will be based on number of standbys.

j. To drive all vehicles in accordance to the validity or driving license as assigned by the management, where applicable.

k. To handle repatriation in or out of the country (Import and Export cases).

l. To co-ordinate with the relevant department for further delegation of assignments.

m. To supervise exhumation procedure both theory and practical.

n. To assist in ashes transferring.

o. To liaise with bereaved families for the arrangement of collection, sending and funeral procedure of their loved one (deceased).

p. To assist in administration duties whenever required and take up changes in assignments allocated by the management.

q. To do a minimum of 4 times for Service Team or Night Care when requested by the customer.

r. Your contract job specification can be changed by the management at any time.

17. During your contract with the Company, you are not allowed to take up
any other full-time job, without the written approval from the Management.

Contact Person: Che

Contact Number: None

Agency Name: Serviecon Int'l Corp.

Principal/Project: Singapore Casket Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Salary: 72,800

Number of Vacancies: 1

Contract term (in months): 24